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How to Host a WordPress Site on your Hosting Server

You might have already built yous site at localhost. Creating your site at localhost is the best option, as it save a lot of time and bandwidth. Hosting a WordPress site or moving a WordPress site from localhost to live server isn’t that hard to do it. Just follow all the steps as I have […]

How to Write a Cover Letter

A cover letter is a one-page letter that should accompany any folio, application documents, or any resume that you send to a prospective worker. You might be applying for a unique, advertised work, or you might be getting in touch with a possible worker to see if they have any free jobs. Either way, your […]

How to Format a Cover Letter

A perfectly formatted cover letter linked to your resume is a best way to present a prospective worker that you are sincerely interested in the work being provided – a cover letter may even offer you a worth benefit over other candidates. Whether you fill out an official application offered by the work or you […]

How to Make Your Own Website

Would you be interested to know the steps you have to take to make a website all on your own? Truly, there are 5 easy steps you want to follow to design one easy and effortlessly. What 5 steps do you want to take to make your own site so that others may look at […]

How to Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 for iPhone

The Iphone Dev group has launched Redsn0w 0.0.12b1 that has helped for untethered I operating system 5.1.1 for ipad, ipod, iphone touch. It has untethered I operating system 5.1.1 and Rocky Racoon jailbreak made by Pod2g and planet being that was used in Jailbreak Absinthe 2.ox In this page, we will take you through the […]

How To Add Silent/Mute Like Feature To iPod Touch

IPod touch is a device from the house of Apple incorporation that looks similar to the iPhone with the elimination of the phone part. Everything that works for iPhone is also compatible in an iPod touch and therefore jail breaking, different software and formats while creating for iPhone, the iPod touch was in the mind […]