Top ROM Emulators 2020

Pokémon was the great revolution in modern video gaming until the great madness of Battle Royale Fornite arrived.

Now it’s 100 years old, and after all that time, it’s been able to reclaim many of its former players thanks to the incorporation of new gameplay options and missing elements, such as the ability to trade Pokémon between trainers, have friends or obtain very rare or legendary Pokémon during special events.

However, the main element of being able to play Pokémon is using your legs to walk around looking for Pokémon, so it’s definitely an Augmented Reality game. The problem is that sometimes it can be boring… especially if the weather isn’t great. If you want to Download Bios for PCSX2 you can Download from here PCSX2 Bios.

Here’s a list of Top Rom Emulators that can work out welll for playing Pokemon games

1) ClassicBoy

ClassicBoy is an emulator allowing you to play games from several different consoles such as the first PlayStation, Nintendo 64, GameBoy Advance, Classic and Color as well as NeoGeo, Mega Drive or Super NES. Although the free version is limited, especially for automatic backup or motion or sensor controls, it is still quite sufficient.

If one appreciates the numerous consoles that can be emulated by ClassicBoy and the fact of having a centralized application, one regrets however not being able to change the position of the buttons or add virtual joysticks instead of the directional cross.

2) MD.emu

Particularly appreciated by retrogaming fans, MD.emu is available in a free version on This emulator, specialized in Sega consoles (Mega Drive, Master System, and even Sega CD in beta version), allows you to play with three or six buttons, in landscape or portrait mode, load cheat codes, save up to nine backups, or play with a Bluetooth or USB controller.

MD.emu is a particularly complete emulator that should appeal to fans of Sega consoles, without advertising. The application has virtually no shortcomings and is particularly easy to use. The only slight regret is that we would have liked to be able to change the position of the various keys on the screen.

3) My Boy!

As its name doesn’t indicate, My Boy! is an emulator that specializes in GameBoy Advance games, not Classic or Color. Available here in a free version, the emulator offers advertising at launch and does not allow to add features beyond the capabilities of the game (multiple save slots via the emulator, cheat codes, gyroscope, accelerated speed). My Boy! is very easy to use and particularly well designed, My Boy! is an excellent emulator, even in the free version, which is rare enough to be highlighted. Too bad it only supports GameCube Roms and GameBoy Advance games.

4) RetroArch

RetroArch is not one, but several emulators rolled up in a nice package. Whether you’re looking to run Nintendo (NES, SNES, GBA), PlayStation, Master System or Megadrive games, RetroArch is a great application to tackle retrogaming on Android. To add to its talents, RetroArch is compatible with USB and Bluetooth controllers, including the PS3 controller. In addition, this emulator has a backup system and customizable touch controls.

if you don’t have time to find the perfect emulator for a particular console (or if you just want a single application to manage all their retrogaming), RetroArch is an excellent choice. To perfect its appeal, this application is free and guaranteed ad-free.

5) UAE4Droid

The free emulators for Amiga and Atari ST are not running the streets. Here, UAE4Droid tackles the Amiga 500 and its huge catalog of games. It works on all Android smartphones and tablets. The controls consist of an eight-way virtual joystick and a button. Playability is good. 

UAE4Droid is easy to use although its interface is not the most elegant. Nevertheless, it is the best Amiga emulator on Android.

6) Hataroid

Hataroid allows you to play retro games from Atari ST and STE. The application asks you to download and configure the BIOS location of both computers, and then the location of your files. Once launched, the games can be controlled using different emulated buttons on the screen, such as the directional arrows.

It is also possible to display the keyboard or mouse at any time, to zoom out the screen to view the game in real definition, or to speed up the game.

Very complete, Hataroid offers many practical functions, especially for emulating a computer with keyboard and mouse. The emulator is also stable, and many Atari games are already available in ROM on the Portalroms, so retro gamers can find all their games in their pocket.

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