Super Hexagon’ for iOS Game Review

Super Hexagon began life as a Flash game on a site. Made by Terry Cavanagh, famous for creating sadistic entertainments, Super Hexagon has you pushing only two buttons but pulling out a lot of hair.

Super Hexagon GamePlay

In the super Hexagon game, you handle a pretty triangle and create it revolve around a form in the center. You have walls around you playing to end in on you and your aim is to discover that space and run for it without targeting the walls. That is it, truly. Sounds perfect, right? Yes, except for the part where the walls near in at breakneck quick, the location and shape of the space keeps replacing and lastly, the full plane continually keeps rotating white gyrating at the beats of the background status.

The game controlling is finished by pressing on the left and right of the screen to move the anti-clockwise and triangle clockwise, respectively, and when you died, which you will, play again and again, for a very long time, you only tap on the display and let the madness begin all over again.

As you play the game, the shape in the center and walls close in your replace shape. The longer you play the more shapes you restrict. At the stage end you are present how long you lasted, the end shape you restricted and your best score.

The Super game has multiple hard settings. The setting is divided into two parts. First one called Normal and second called hard. There are harder, difficult and a few more that get restricted as you done hardest, which is almost impossible, so do not think about that.

If you are feeling chiefly strong, you could try the Hardest levels or harder levels. But if you ended, say, 30 second in harder, you will end five seconds harder and above two second in harder. You will hear “Game over” only benefit of playing at these hardest levels is that it creates the basic hard mode seem simpler.

Game and Sound

The super game uses basic 3D graphics that saves replacing colors at an epilepsy-including figure. Various difficulty stages have different colors and shapes. For sound, the entertainment uses some peppy eight-bit tunes that remind you when entertainment were truly hard and dying meant having to repeat hours of gameplay to arrive at the location wherever you died. It is easy and entertainment and goes perfect with the theme of the Super Hexagon game.