NBA 2K21 – What Happened At The European Invitational 2021

The European Invitational Tournament from the NBA 2K21 League has concluded with the team led by coach Famous emerging victorious.

NBA 2K21 NBA 2K League is gaining popularity with each season. The league features several events such as the European Invitational tournament that just ended. This is one of the two international competitions. The tournament unfolded over three days and each one proved more exciting than the other. The Swiss Tournament was played on the first day. Nineteen teams have participated in this event. Some of the best European players such as vGooner and JLB had amazing performances on day one. Unfortunately, the team they were part of, Team S2V, didn’t qualify for the next stage. If you have followed NBA 2K League Season 2 in 2019, you might remember MGoCrzy who became the European Invitational MVP that year. Together with AveMario32 from DUX Gaming and WelshJordy from Team S2V, MGoCrzy stood out during day one. These three players are eligible for this year’s draft. The structure of day one was based on Swiss rules with five rounds of play. Each team played a match per round. The first four teams went to play in the second stage of the tournament. Here are the teams that went forward: Takeover, Team DUX Gaming, 1907 Fenerbahce Esports, and LDLC OL. Each team is comprised of five players. TheDoctorDZ from Takeover attracted the audience’s attention with 169 points. The runner-up is none other than MGoCrzy with 163 points. IE9RENI and KadoTheProblem from Team 1907 Fenerbahce Esports proved to have amazing chemistry.

The 20 players from these four teams advanced to the Combine event on day two. It was a fun day as the team dispersed and the participants played 5 versus 5 matches. Two sessions of four games were played on day two. Day three brought the last phase of the European Invitational, the Double Elimination Tournament. Players went back to their original teams. Each team benefited from the coaching of an NBA 2K League coach. The team that emerged victorious was led by Coach Famous. IE9RENI was named MVP of the tournament. He also came in second on the Efficiency leaderboard that was topped by Breakerthebeast. The Rebounds leaderboard has Otimo2k, Professxr, and Vmvxwell as the top three players. Bemagiq, Fabalousfabalo, and Gw_Lyvs are the players that ranked first, second, and third in the Assists top. We are looking forward to seeing the performances of the players that will take part in the second international tournament, the APAC Invitational. You can catch the games live on Twitch. MTStacks will help you in your quest to build the best team with the best price of NBA 2K21 MT coins.