How to Unlock Forgot Pattern Lock

All Cellphones have some security features but nowadays specially in smartphones some people forget pattern lock or Pin screen lock security system so they kept on asking this question. and sometimes we make some wrong attempts so they ask us to recover your password of lock screen. so there are few ways to Unlock your Android screen which are going to be discussed bellow:

1. Recover via Email Address

If you re-enter an incorrect pattern, password or pin Five times you will be asked to try again in 30 seconds and after that you will see the option of “Forgot Password” so if you have synchronized your smartphone with Google Gmail Account and you remember the Email so it is then simple just Tap on “Forgot Password” and sign in with your Gmail account and there they will ask you to enter new Pattern or password and you are done.

But the problem is if you have forgotten your Gmail or you don’t remember your Email password then you should follow the second method to Unlock your password.

2. Recover via Factory Reset Device

To recover forgot pattern lock one option is Factory reset method and Factory reset method might be different for all Devices but i am telling you the method which is mostly using for HTC, SAMSUNG and some other smartphones Devices. There are few steps to Reset your smartphone but keep in mind that this will delete all downloaded Apps and all data what is stored in phone memory. below are the steps for unlocking your password:

  1. First switch off your Device.
  2. Now wait for Few seconds and then restart your device by holding this all keys together ‘Power+Volume Up+Down’  if your device is having HOME button press that too together with the mentioned.
  3. Now the screen will show few options you can see in picture of this article.
  4. In that options select the ” Wipe data/factory reset” ( make sure you can just go up and down in options with volume keys.
  5. After clicking that option scroll down to reboot system now and wait for a while to reboot your device.

Now when your device will reboot  all Pattern and password are removed. this method was for those who forgot pattern lock they can get some help from it.