How to Make Your Own Website

Would you be interested to know the steps you have to take to make a website all on your own? Truly, there are 5 easy steps you want to follow to design one easy and effortlessly. What 5 steps do you want to take to make your own site so that others may look at what you have to say or even sell?

Register Your Own Domain Name

There are lots of sites that can support you register a domain title, although one of the top domain registrars to select is You can easily sign up and save your domain title for under $12 sometimes affordable depending on the plan they have.

Simply go to and you will look at a screen, put your desired title into a box and press Go!

If the domain title is available, go daddy show you the domain name is available in the next step. Then easily push the ADD button and it will continue onto the sign up process. 

You will be shown with a bunch of provide throughout the work, I would advise to decline them all at this level as you can come back at a later level to add the various items if you interest, Godaddy is truly the best domain registrar that  I would advised also try a various from for website hosting. Once you have bought the domain and everything is finished you should get an e-mail with all your match info.

Set Up Your Website Hosting Account

Start, you will want to go to the Hostgator site by clicking the website link When you click then go to “view website hosting packages”.

We will use the “Hatching packages” to start with as we only have the single domain to host, so plan how long you wish to run for and target the “order now” button.

As we have already bought our domain title use the box on the right and submit your domain title we just buy and press “continue to second step”.

If you want to buy a website hosting for 2 years, this website offers you more then $35 special discount.

You can also get a special discount, if you have a discount coupon.

Name servers at the Registrar

Go to and login your detail

  • Once login, hover over the domain title table and then push Domain management. There, you will have a schedule of domain titles that you sign up with the firm.
  • Highlight the domain title and click on it.
  • One the next page, where it says title servers, Push the table that says set title servers.
  • Push the tab that says I have unique nameservers for my domains.
  • In the boxers titled Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2 submit the information that was sent to you when register for your hostgator ID and then push ok.

When you do this step, it may take some time to become verified, sometimes up to 2 days but usually it’s a lot faster.

Installing WordPress

If you have successfully replaced the title servers, you will get a popup that will request for a username and password for the control panel. Refer back to the account detail email you get from Hostgator all you match information should be in that email.

  • Once you login your control panel using the URL, head to the Fantastico De luxe choice by pushing on it.
  • When it is released, find the wordpress choice under blogs.
  • Select wordpress and then fresh installation.
  • On the second page, select the domain title; you will be installing wordpress on. Be confident you write in your email address, best password and any detail that is requested. Bear in mind that you can replace these later on using the wordpress control panel once you have installed it. Now, click, “install wordpress” to see the end page.
  • Now, select,” end installation” so that wordpress will be fully installed onto the domain.
  • That it is an amazing job, when you call your site, you will find the evade wordpress blog page with an amazing welcome.

Setup WordPress and Publish Your Site

After you have setup wordpress, you will want to do the following simple things:

  • Configure wordpress
  • Choice design
  • Contribute content
  • Publish it
  • When you want to configure wordpress, you will want to log into the admin location by typing your real domain title and then after, type in /wp-admin. When you do this, configure different settings, button using the settings choice.
  • When you are ready to select design, do the following simple things: Install your theme. When you go to install your theme choice, you can select a variety of themes for just selecting the theme and install.
  • Once you have your personal theme, go to page” add fresh”. Here you will be capable to offer pages its heading and article content. You can alter the color, font and whatever else from the new page toolbar. Once you are relaxed about what you have laid out, click on the publish button. Be sure you design your pages in the same way.
  • One this is finished, go to the front page and adjust the radio button option from an “A static page” from your end posts”.
  • Choose the “fresh page” from the front page” choice”. This will tell the plans wants to view as the homepage. Now, click the save changes key and voila! Your website is now offered for all to look at!