How to Make Anvil in Minecraft

The anvil is termed as major decorative items in the Minecraft world. It is often used as a naming or labelling device for any other item. You can also use it for enchanting and repairing different items.

The essentials required for this process are four iron ingots and also three blocks of iron. You can easily get the iron during digging in a cave or raven.

How to Make Anvil in Minecraft
How to Make Anvil in Minecraft

Make Anvil in Minecraft

Before you can start the process, you have to switch to the crafting menu. On the crafting table you are needed to open the 3×3 dimension grid.

Once your 3×3 dimension grid is ready, you can start putting items in it to start the process. In the first row, you have to fill every grid with blocks of iron. In the second row you have to leave the first and third grid empty, putting iron ingot in the middle grid. Third row will require iron ingots in all three grids.

After you have put all the items carefully in its place, you will get an anvil in the result box, which is ready to be placed in your inventory.

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