How to Keep Your Bones Strong and Healthy

Bones are considering as a frame on which your whole body is build and stand. You need to make it strong to live a happy and healthy life. The diet plays a very important role to give it strength and powerful. It provides support to your body and makes you feel younger and energetic. As you grow older, the bones are getting weaker and shrink therefore; you have to take a proper care of it. Today, in this article I will share useful tips for How to keep your bones strong and healthy. It is true, that you can’t stop aging but you can take special precaution to take care of it.

How to Keep Your Bones Strong and Healthy

Increase the intake of calcium:

Calcium is very useful to make it stronger and healthy. A low intake of calcium leads to low and weak bones. A proper level of calcium can help to prevent osteoporosis and other problems that may occur due to weak bones. People between the ages of nineteen to fifty must consume 100mg of calcium per day.

Things that contain calcium in it:

Following are the foods that contain calcium in it and you must add them in your daily routine.

  • Vegetables like broccoli, collard greens, kale, beet greens, mustard greens, sprouts and Brussels.
  • Increase the intake of beans such as chickpeas and tofu.
  • Add the intake of fruits such as apple, banana and grapes.
  • Drink fresh milk and yogurt.

Reduce the intake of salt:

The excess use of salt can make your bones week. Therefore, you should minimize the use of salt. According to the study, it is proved that the excess use of salt cause the breakage of women’s bones. Salt extract the calcium from the kidney and bones. So, try to reduce the intake of salt and increase the intake of calcium.

Stay away from smoking:

As you know, that smoking is injurious to health. Therefore, quit smoking is the best option to keep your bones strong and healthy. It decreases the bones mass and reduces the calcium from the body. It is also very harmful for lungs and kidney. So, you have to take proper care of your health by avoiding such drugs.

Say good bye to soda:

If you are addicted to soda then keep it in your mind that the excess use of soda can reduce the strength of the bones and also increase the chances of fractures. When you over drink soda, it will increase the level of phosphate in the blood. This will increase the excretion of calciumin your urine. So, it is better to say good bye to soda instead of having health problems.

Morning walk:

Yes, a morning walk is very good for your health. As you know that vitamin D is available in the sun rays that is very effective for making the bones healthy and strong. Therefore, you must try to make a habit of morning walk.