How To Add Silent/Mute Like Feature To iPod Touch

IPod touch is a device from the house of Apple incorporation that looks similar to the iPhone with the elimination of the phone part. Everything that works for iPhone is also compatible in an iPod touch and therefore jail breaking, different software and formats while creating for iPhone, the iPod touch was in the mind of manufacturers. However, actually iPod and iPhone are two totally different devices with a couple of little similarities but there are many different functions in both devices. The iPod lovers/users must be thankful to some developers who kept these differences into account and developed some separate methods for the convenience of users.

The iPod touch is a music device for music lovers and therefore it has certain features that are not part of the iPhone. One such different feature is Tap Volume To Mute package which is also compatible for iPhone but is particularly designed for iPod touch. Apple eliminates the direct mute or silent button from iPod and therefore if a user wants to completely silent or mute the iPod have to tap continuously the volume button downwards until your device reach to silent level and when you want to remove it from silent mode then again you have to tap the button continuously until you get your desire volume. 

Setting up of volume manually is a big hectic and therefore with jail breaking the problem was focused to find a solution. Now, at Cydia a free downloadable tweak is available without any particular iOS version with a name of Tap Volume To Mute package that is more user friendly and convenient to put on your iPod device on silent or mute mode by just pressing a single button. You just have to download the package and install it into your device. After installation it will add a silent/mute like feature to your device. For this you just have to press hard button on your iPod device and then another button on the screen of your device. 

The Tap Volume To Mute package will invoke the tapping up and down button into volume HUD. The volume HUD or head-up-display by tapping once will put your iPod device on silent mode and by tapping secondly will turn the volume on again. This is easy and time saving function that never puts the user into the hitch of continuously tapping of touch button. All iPod users must use this tweak to enjoy the interesting and fast functionality of a small package.