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7 Day Keto Diet Plan

Are you planning to go on a keto diet? Congratulations on taking charge of your weight loss and diet journey by starting a ketogenic diet plan. Those who are new to the diet should know that this diet involves cutting down on carbohydrates as much as possible from the daily lunch, dinner, and breakfast regimen. […]

How to Make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft

Fishing rods are the essential tools in the Minecraft world. It is an important vessel for hunting down fish and for other crucial aspects. This method is the simplest for creating fishing rod especially for survival mode. For crafting fishing rod, you must have  three sticks and two strings. The strings can be found from […]

How to Make Anvil in Minecraft

The anvil is termed as major decorative items in the Minecraft world. It is often used as a naming or labelling device for any other item. You can also use it for enchanting and repairing different items. The essentials required for this process are four iron ingots and also three blocks of iron. You can […]

Spider Solitaire Best Card Game Ever

Spider solitaire is a card game that is strategic and can provide an activity which is hours challenging the brain. To play this differed game on the conventional game of solitaire one requires cards of two decks, and some good quality tactic skills. If one is interested in spending time with spider solitaire in the […]

Super Hexagon’ for iOS Game Review

Super Hexagon began life as a Flash game on a site. Made by Terry Cavanagh, famous for creating sadistic entertainments, Super Hexagon has you pushing only two buttons but pulling out a lot of hair. Super Hexagon GamePlay In the super Hexagon game, you handle a pretty triangle and create it revolve around a form […]