Brainstorming Technology of Nintendo 3D

Nintendo 3DS, shortly known as 3DS only, is one of the most advanced and brainstorming handheld gaming station inventions that surprised the game lovers all over the world. It was released in Japan only at first and then in different parts of Europe and North America. Just after its release, this gaming station became a sensation as more than 50 million units were sold worldwide and many more following the months of launch. Although, tons of other companies launched varying handheld games but nobody could overtake the market for Nintendo 3DS unless Switch came into sight.

3DS is seemingly one of the most advanced gaming consoles for the reason as its previous-generation consoles were backward and somewhat conventional. They did have excellent features for that time but they were not good in performance as they could have been. Although Nintendo 3DS has inherited some features and specifications from the old game consoles, all these have been paired with the new technologies to make its performance better than all. For instance, it delivers 3D space effects, the graphics are amazing, besides it also offers functions of Streetpass and Spotpass which are missing in the previous consoles. Moreover, the users can connect it with other Nintendo devices and networking usings its connection capabilities, which are swift, smooth and impressive. 

As for the design, the top display is a crystal-designed 3D screen, there’s a stylus for you to control the movement on the gaming at the bottom part, and then there is a nice mic. What else should you expect more from an excellent handheld gaming console and system. You can make the best of its features and technologies, the touch screen is responsive as well, it’s like having your own phone with the ability to touch things with a stylus. 

The games launched and released for 3D are countless- too many to make mention of. You can however play all of them using an emulator and integrating it with Nintendo 3DS roms. The best emulator for these games would be Citra, this is the one offering best lag free performance for all Windows, Mac and laptop users. In fact, expect to have its advanced version for your tablets and android version as well. It’s just a matter of time that you will see its best version that would be available for all iPhone and android phone game lovers.

Some of the games that you can download are Pokemon, Mario Kart and Super Mario 3D, however, the list goes on and on. You can take advantage of the emulator to mimic the features of 3DS console and then use it to play any game of your choice after downloading the corresponding 3Ds Roms to execute on the emulator.